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Benefits for LED Backlight
   Published:2013-08-28 07:23:54   Text Size:  16px  14px  12px

LED Backlight makes good contribution to the fast development of outdoor LCD digital signage

LED backlight screen is always is the best choice for outdoor digital signage, especially in many big outdooor projects.For outdoor digital signage application industry, LED backlight screen has many unique advantages:


According to Brad Gleeson, CEO of Vertigo digital display company, reliability is the most significant feature of LED backlight screen. Set an example of its cooperative partners, Clear Channel, JC Decaux and Titan, they have cooperated with Vertigo for 5-10 years, the same time with LED backlight screen deploy.

“Generally speaking, the lifespan of LCD with CCFL is only 1-2 years,” Gleeson said, “ with its short lifespan, customers buy it just like buying household tv or indoor digital signage, it cannot play a good role in outdoor digital application.

However, LED backlight screen has strong durability. As long as it is used correctly, its lifespan can reach 5-10 years without brighness drop.

High Brightness:

The brightness of LED backlight screen can reach 2000-4000 nits, which is the highlight. Especially under direct sunlight, LED backlight screen can provide high bright image, by which it realizes higher contrast. It provides customers with clear picture in any complicated environment.

“As everyone know, the brightness of ordinary lcd tv is between 450-500 nits, and the brightness of lcd tv applicated in digital signage industry is 600-700 nits,” Scott Birnbaum, the vice president of SAMSUNG digital solutions LCD group said, “But LED backlight screen can ensure brightness at least 1000-2000 nits. It is very important in digital signage industry, because LED backlight screen is mainly installed outside.

LargeTemperature Range Adaptability:

Compared to CCFL, LED has another advantage, that is the harsh environment adaptability.

“To CCFL, temperature is a big problem which affect its normal operature,” “ generally speaking, in the room temperature of Fahrenheit 77 degree, 99% of traditional lcd screen can display high quality picture. But in summer, the temperature will reach 95 degree, and the brightness of screen will drop by 30%. Along with the increase of temperature, brightbess of screen will furthur drop.

LED backlight screen is not as weak as that, it can endure high temperature, and can keep long time running under any harsh environment.

“In the outside, direct sunlight is the significant problem digital display faces, especially the increase of surface temperature,” “LED backlight can solve that problem, LED backlight screen can ensure the brightness around2000nits in the environment of high temperature or direct sunlight.

LED backlight indeed brings people many benefits, and push faster development of outdoor LCD advertising player in digital signage industry as well.